• Mathematical argumentation follows a rigid structure.
  • The layout of mathematical writing has to reveal these "inner structures".
  • Ultimately, building a knowledge base in the fashion of a relational database.
  • The project only presents a seedling of a theory of structuring arguments and communication; including assinging values and measures of "essentiality".
  • A text as a traditional but not optimal form of message conveying.


A Googlemaps-like View of Mathematics

  • On a coarse level, only major roads should be visible.
  • Zooming in, gives all the little details up to axioms.
  • In this way, clean argumentation is made visible.
  • The representation of the reasoning may be tweaked w.r.t. parameters such as time of presentation.



  • Later, there will be a LaTeX package to take account of structure in mathematical text more adequately.
  • Ultimately, a software to structure (mathematical) knowledge. This should allow the contents to grow as people use it.


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