Where have you come to?

eMotion is a recently founded research endeavour, conducted by MarkusM. On this webpage, you find insights of the research process and information of how to interact with it in the context of workshops, seminars or one-to-one sessions.


  • Indentifying essences of life in all its aspects as well as their perception.
    Examples: Movement, learning and thinking
  • Mastering "modern life" by not loosing oneself in, but giving ones gifts to society.


  • Any perception requires differences in the being, a change in form of, say, a movement.
  • eMotion explicitly takes into account physical aspects of movement (motion) as well as psychological ones (emotion).
  • Learning is one of the truly human activities.
  • The only way to learn is to "take part" and make your own mistakes.
  • There is noone to teach you apart from yourself.


  • So far, activities stem from and focus on dancing as an allegory of life.
  • Later, the scope will include general concepts of language and communication, ranging from Maths and Second Languages to Dance and Body Language.
  • In order to invite you to make use of all your gifts, MarkusM blends abstract, timeless ideas and concrete, immediate experiences into several types of interactions:


Why would you stay?

So far, there are two basic lines of research interaction:

  • In the Maths section, find out about the academic background, a google-maps-style theory of communication of mathematics or book a mathematical interaction with MarkusM.

Also find out more on the concepts and philosophy of eMotion.


Why would you come back?

As this webpage informs about ongoing research, it must constitute a snapshot of a process. Yet already, you may read about future projects. These include the roles of the feminine and the masculine, independent of the sex or gender of a particular person.


Why would you invest money in this?

  • Money may be considered a certain form of human made energy, intensifying interaction and the experience.
  • Money should never be a reason for not getting in touch. If there is interest, there will be a solution.
  • If you should not be satisfied, you may get all your money back by writing about one page of feedback about why you were not satisfied.


Bookings, Comments, Questions:

eMotion "at" MarkusM.de

Quote of the Click

"Angst ist eine Auswirkung von Alternativlosigkeit."

M. Feldenkrais

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