Maths still is Structure

According to wikipedia, mathematics is a "science that investigates self-built abstract structures with respect to their properties and patterns". Unfortunately, this view of mathematics has been burried under a desperate desire to apply knowkedge in the most straightforward of ways.
Further, the "classical" approach to education of learning by "struggling to survive" rather than "being fed with a vast amount of information" is about to disappear. The act of dealing with contents yourself had to give room to preparing yourself for exams as effectively as possible.


A Maths' Move

Blending experience from movement as well as mathematical research, MarkusM offers his own style of private teaching lessons, commenly known as "Nachhilfe". Highly interested students can benefit from a view on mathmematics which is not common to teach in schools.
On the other hand, students who face toubles in school may profit from a body-mind approach: To the trained eye, a playful movement can revael much on attitudes, fear as well as potentials. Further, a body-wise understanding of "lead and follow" may aid guiding an insecure person on her or his path to understanding.



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