Sensation through Dance

This is a seminar series in which MarkusM usually offers insights into research in the context of movement, dance and of course eMotion. Typical subjects include:

  • Awareness
  • Energetic Presence
  • How to to move with ease
  • Movement concepts

Usually, the theory is applied in little self studies as well as movements from ballroom dancing.

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Dance Consult

In these usually one-on-one sessions MarkusM offers advice to individual issues. These may be beneficial for people from all walks of life. May it be people interested in everyday movement or performers who wish to work on their freedom in performance say.

Given the background, areas of expertise include:

  • Partnering
  • Musicality
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Authenticity
  • Energetic Aspects of Movement

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Showing Emotion

MarkusM and his beloved partner show eMotion in the form of a classical Ballroom dance show.

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Current Research Topics

  • Form vs Function: Application of Feldenkrais to Ballroom Dancing
  • Making use of academic socialization in dance classes
  • Using fundamentals of art such as contrast.
  • Teaching Concept: Invite to understand, practise and judge yourself; only checking if the message is clear.


Current Beliefs

  • A human is a physical body with a body of energetic presence.
  • Dancing is more than movement.
  • In ballroom dancing, use your standing leg to free the free leg.
  • Relax in order to feel.


Bookings, Comments, Questions:

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Quote of the Click

"At all times, you are free to move into any direction -- apart from the one you came from"


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