Energetic Wholeness of a Human Being

  • Physical Body: percieved by sensing
  • Energetic Presence: perceived by action through thinking, feeling, sounding


Energetic Interaction

  • As in a breath cycle, it is the flow that counts: Take in, make use, give away, take in..
  • Seek for your inside: Focussing on body movement is an act of meditation (motion)
  • Express yourself to the outside (eMotion)


The Joy of Balance

  • Indentify poles, pull them apart and base your actions on both of them.
  • Stable vs instable balances
  • Balance is to be able to move into any direction with greatest ease.


"Unifying" Language

  • Use aspects of language and communication as a unifying concept of maths, foreign languages and dance.
  • Example: Every conversation is improvised.


"Giving up" Everyday Life

  • If you have the idea of having an everyday life, enjoy the inherent feeling of security, but do not wonder about boredem and emptyness.
  • You cannot change your future as a whole, but you can influence this very moment.
  • If you want to integrate an exercise into your everyday life, give up the concept of "everyday life". -- And in this way, allow the experience to diffuse into your being.


The Role of the Self: Noone will ever be a better you

  • You may think you are worth nothing. But you will remain the only one you are.
  • Google rates websites by the rating of the sites referring to them.
  • Make sure that anything referring to you is of quality.
  • In order to make that sure, treat everyone and anything around you as if it were of quality to you.



  • Noone can help you or judge on you apart from yourself.
  • Every session is an act of research, an individual journey for each participant.


Understand abstractly -- Feel concretely

  • The more abstract, the easier to understand
  • The more concrete, the easier to feel and experience
  • Make use of both poles and identify interaction potentials cleanly


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Quote of the Click

"You cannot practice stance while standing."

K. Rath

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