(Mathematical) Interaction

  • Private teaching lessons, commenly known as "Nachhilfe", yet with quite some different flavour.
  • Blending experience from movement as well as mathematical research
  • Highly interested students can benefit from a view on mathmematics which is not commonly taught in schools.
  • Students who face troubles in school may profit from a body-mind approach.
  • Technically suitable for anyone interested in "critical thinking".
  • Deal with concepts, problems and information yourself -- rather then letting the teacher deal with it.
  • More information on the academic background

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Maths Communication

Mathematical argumentations bear the advantage that they are timeless and possibly entirely correct and complete. However, the layout of mathematical texts often do not reveal these strucutes explicitly.

  • Find a mathematical measure of what is essential in an argumentation
  • Understand a summary as a result of a clustering process
  • Make clean argumentation visible.
  • Get flexible representations of knowledge w.r.t. parameters such as presentation time
  • Ultimately, develop a theory of structuring argumentations

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