For those who have particular issues to work on, MarkusM offers advice in one-on-one or small group sessions. These sessions will stem from areas of expertise of eMotion and may be beneficial for people from many walks of life.


Don't make it -- Cake it!

MarkusM teaches similar to advising on how to make a good cake:

  • Tell what sort of cake you intend to produce
  • Make clear ingredients: Let you try if what you consider to be sugar, feels, smells and tastes like sugar.
  • Take care of recipes, i.e., suitables balances of ingredients to end up with the cake of desire.

In terms of movement, this could mean analysing movement patterns and how to sense them, and then composing them to movements of every day life or, say, dance performances.



  • Consultations on a regular bases as well as indivual appointments
  • Floor need, potentially floorfee
  • Bookings via email (on the right)
  • Prices on request
  • There always is a possibility of a free tryout


Bookings, Comments, Questions:

eMotion "at"

Quote of the Click

"Choreographies are the highest form of improvisation."


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